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Security—Security Service in Vancouver, WA

On Site Services

Metro Watch understands that no two companies are alike. As such, no two security programs will be alike. We review your concerns and security needs based on the type and size of your facility. In cases that require additional protection, we may also suggest and design electronic systems, physical barriers or other security measures that will ensure total protection. We will also perform periodic reviews in order to ensure that your security services meet the changing needs of your facility.

Patrol Services

Developed from over 20 years of experience, the Metro watch patrol program encompasses a wide variety of techniques designed to provide effective deterrent agents. Metro Watch provides random inspections with visibly marked patrol vehicles, State Certified Officers who are armed/unarmed with advanced communications equipment. You can be certain that criminals will be discouraged from targeting your site. Whether you require high-frequency patrol(s) or just a guaranteed timely response to your alarm, Metro Watch can customize our mobile patrol services to meet your needs. We work with you to design a plan that meets both your economical and situational needs.

Alarm Response

The Dispatch and Communications Center is the hub of Metro Watch. Mobile Patrol Officers and On-Site Security Officers are in constant contact and can be quickly dispatched to emergencies or relay urgent information. In many instances, response to burglar alarms by law enforcement isn’t as immediate as needed due to overextended budgets and resources. Metro Watch has developed an Alarm Response Service with a proven record of effective and prompt response for many organizations, businesses and residential clients.

Event Security

School sporting events, corporate activities and other public gatherings are excellent opportunities to take advantage of Metro Watch’s special events services. From simple perimeter management to more intensive crowd control services, our experienced officers understand the complexities involved with special events security. Using our management consulting resources, you will be able to plan and implement the appropriate level of security to guarantee a trouble-free event. From the pre-planning activities to the final closure of the facility, Metro Watch’s event staff works to ensure that no detail is left undone.


Transporting cash, checks or confidential documents is serious business. Metro Watch provides marked/unmarked vehicles and armored transport vehicles staffed with trained, armed security officers. Whether you require daily pick-ups and deliveries, or intermittent transports, MetroWatch can handle your valuables with the professionalism you expect. Every Metro Watch armored vehicle is equipped with global positioning satellite (GPS) equipment so that it can be tracked everywhere it goes.